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The Consumer Product Safety Commission is amending the terms under which it will accept certifications for children’s textile products based on third-party conformity assessment body (laboratory) testing to the flammability regulations at 16 CFR part 1610 that occurred before the CPSC’s acceptance of the accreditation of the third-party conformity assessment body. The CPSC is taking this action in response to a request to reduce unnecessary retesting of clothing textiles that have been tested already and found to be in compliance with CPSC regulations.

In August 2010 the CPSC published a notice of requirements providing the criteria and process for its acceptance of accreditation of third-party conformity assessment bodies for testing pursuant to 16 CFR part 1610, “Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles.” That publication had the effect of lifting the stay of enforcement with regard to testing and certification of children’s products under 16 CFR part 1610. As a result, each manufacturer of clothing textiles that are children’s products must have any such product manufactured after Nov. 16, 2010, tested by a third-party conformity assessment body accredited to do so and must issue a certificate of compliance based on that testing. The notice also enumerated the circumstances under which the CPSC would accept retrospective testing, or testing performed by a third-party conformity assessment body prior to the Commission’s acceptance of its accreditation. Among other things, the CPSC required the testing to have been done on or after Aug. 18, 2010, and acceptance of the third party’s accreditation application by Oct. 18.

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